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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Feb 16, 2016

On December 18th, 1915, widower and President, Woodrow Wilson, married Edith Galt, from Wytheville, Virginia. The new First Lady went on to help her husband through a stroke and, some say, actually run the country during the last year of his presidency. On today’s episode, Rod and Steve tell her story. You can...

Dec 19, 2015

The summer of 1919 was known as “Red Summer,” due to the spreading influence of communism around the world after World War I. Race riots were occurring around the United States, and the unrest came to Knoxville, Tennessee at the end of August, 1919. On this episode, Steve tells the story of the riot and […]

Nov 23, 2015

This week’s story is a well-known story about the Sparks’ World-Famous Circus and its visit to Kingsport, Tennessee, 99 years ago. The day’s festivities turned deadly, and the rest is, as they say, history… You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or Stitcher, or on your favorite iPhone, Android or Windows...