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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Jun 27, 2017

During the Great Depression, a man lived in West Virginia much as he imagined his literary hero Tarzan would have lived, had Tarzan been in the wilds of Appalachia instead of the jungles of Africa. Today, Rod and Steve tell the story of the original “hippie,” Orval Elijah Brown of Clay County, long hair, beard, […]

Aug 30, 2016

In this episode, Rod tells the story of the election of an all-woman town council and mayor in the town of Clintwood, Virginia, in the late 1940’s. This was so unusual, it made national and international news, and was used as propaganda by the Voice of America in its broadcasts to the USSR! Thanks for […]

Jul 19, 2016

Starting in the early part of the 20th century, coal operators discovered that forming baseball teams in each coal camp was a great way to promote unity among their workers, as well as give the men something to do in their free time. From this tradition sprang minor league teams around Appalachia and a love […]

Mar 12, 2016

At one time, Buchanan County, Virginia, was the home of the largest number of millionaires in the Commonwealth of Virginia, due to the money to be made mining coal. Probably the best known of these “one percenters” was Arthur M. Ratliff, also known as “Smiley.” Smiley Ratliff was a World War II vet, the first […]

Feb 23, 2016

The world was in the middle of the Cold War on May 1, 1960, when a young Pound, Virginia, man set off on a U-2 flight from Pakistan which ended up making him part of the history of not only Appalachia, but the world. On this episode of Stories, Steve and Rod tell you the […]