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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Dec 11, 2021

In the spring of 1856 the two little boys of Samuel and Susanna Cox disappeared, seemingly without a trace.

Today we tell the story of how the tragedy of that disappearance led to a miracle, one memorialized with a monument in the township of Pavia, Pennsylvania, east of Johnstown.

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Feb 13, 2021

Firefighters responding to a house fire in Canton, Pennsylvania, in 1896 were stunned by what they found.  

Today we tell that story.

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Oct 10, 2020

Today we have another collection of what we call "short stories," bits of Appalachian history that are interesting but which by themselves won't make for a full podcast episode.

On this episode we tell about a strange substance found at a home in Tom's Creek, Virginia;  a criminal who managed to outwit the court system...

Jan 10, 2017

Today, Rod and Steve take a look back at some interesting stories in old newspapers for the third and last time, as they share some “short stories” from Appalachia. You can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or on your favorite podcast app. Follow us on Twitter @storyappalachia. Thanks for listening!

Jun 2, 2016

As you probably know, Rod and I not only record and produce the podcast, we also produce programming for Stories Radio, a lot of which we don’t release to our podcast listeners. We thought you might want to hear a sample of what we put on Stories Radio, and, if you like it, you can […]