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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Jun 28, 2019

Back in the 1920's A. P. Carter scoured the Appalachian countryside looking for songs the Carter Family could perform.  Along with him was a young black musician from Kingsport who was instrumental in finding many of those songs in the area's African-American community.  Today we tell his story.

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Jun 22, 2019

Today, in a retelling of our very first podcast episode, Rod and Steve tell the story of a man who, during the 1930's and 40's, worked at Tennessee Eastman, Holston Defense and in Oak Ridge on the Manhattan Project.  He also was a Russian asset who sold information about American weapons to his handlers.  

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Jun 15, 2019

Today we tell the story of Judge Alexander Ratliff of Pikeville, Kentucky, who ran for office as both a Democrat and as an Independent, at the same time, gathering enough votes from both ballots to be elected.

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Jun 15, 2019

This week we bring you an encore presentation from 2015, the story of the last Native American raid on the settlements of Southwest Virginia by Chief Benge, the son of a Cherokee woman and a Scots-Irish trader named John Benge.  

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Jun 8, 2019

The story of the kidnapping of a high school student in Shade Gap, Pennsylvania, who was dragged off into the woods while walking from her bus stop to her house. The man who took her was known as an eccentric in the community.

The kidnapping triggered the largest manhunt in American history to that time.

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