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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Aug 30, 2016

In this episode, Rod tells the story of the election of an all-woman town council and mayor in the town of Clintwood, Virginia, in the late 1940’s. This was so unusual, it made national and international news, and was used as propaganda by the Voice of America in its broadcasts to the USSR! Thanks for […]

Aug 27, 2016

In the last part of the nineteenth century, newspapers across America were obsessed with tales of blood feuds in Appalachia, the best known of which is the Hatfield-McCoy feud. At the time, however, no other feud got more coverage than that between the French and Eversole families of Hazard, Kentucky. Private...

Aug 23, 2016

On this episode of Stories, Steve and Rod tell the story of what is possibly the worst mining disaster in the history of Virginia. Forty-five men lost their lives in 1938 when an explosion tore through the Red Jacket Coal Company’s mine at Keen Mountain, near Grundy, at shift change time. You can subscribe to […]

Aug 20, 2016

In 1982, Knoxville, Tennessee, hosted a Worlds Fair. The fair was a success, breaking even, but it led to the downfall of the Butcher banking empire in East Tennessee. On this episode of the podcast, Steve and Rod tell the story of Jake and C.H. Butcher and the Knoxville World’s Fair. We’re on...

Aug 13, 2016

The people who settled Appalachia were tough. They’d have to be to carve a home out of the forests and mountainsides of the area. In 1777, two girls, Polly Alley and Jane Whittaker, proved how tough they were when they escaped Indian captivity in Ohio and made their way back home to Scott County in […]