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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Nov 23, 2015

This week’s story is a well-known story about the Sparks’ World-Famous Circus and its visit to Kingsport, Tennessee, 99 years ago. The day’s festivities turned deadly, and the rest is, as they say, history… You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or Stitcher, or on your favorite iPhone, Android or Windows...

Nov 18, 2015

On this week’s podcast, Rod Mullins tells us the story of the legend of Swift’s Lost Silver Mine, supposedly located somewhere in the hills of Southwest Virginia. Rod also shares a personal connection to this legend, as well as trying to pin down the general location of the mine. If you like the podcast, please […]

Nov 14, 2015

Today, I’m sharing the story of John Randolph Neal, Jr., whose life revolved around the law. Neal was a rather eccentric law professor at the University of Tennessee College of Law in the 1920’s who went on to defend both famous clients (in Dayton, Tennessee) and not so famous clients (in Elizabethton, Tennessee,...

Nov 10, 2015

We have a sports-related podcast this week as Steve and Rod tell you the story of a woman from Scott County, Virginia, who traveled the country playing professional women’s basketball in the 1960’s, on the All-American Redheads team. You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, Stitcher or on your favorite Android...

Nov 5, 2015

This week on the podcast, Steve and Rod go back to the 1790’s to tell you the story of the last raid of the Cherokee warrior Bob Benge against the settlers of Scott, Lee and Wise Counties in Southwest Virginia. You can subscribe to the podcast on your iPhone or Android phone by clicking the […]