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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Dec 29, 2015

Today Steve tells the story of Gabriel Arthur, 17th century fur trader and explorer who was adopted into the Cherokee tribe and who was the first English colonist to travel through the Cumberland Gap, 80 years before Dr. Thomas Walker traveled to the area. You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or on your […]

Dec 26, 2015

This is the story of a witch. Not a real witch, but an elderly lady by the name of Jane Dutton who was accused of being a witch by her neighbor. Aunt Jane, as she was known, didn’t take that insult lightly; she promptly sued her neighbor and we’ll tell you what happened on this […]

Dec 22, 2015

It’s only three days til Christmas…or is it fifteen? This week, Steve lets you know which when he tells the story of Old Christmas in the mountains. Then Rod tells you about the Santa Train, which runs from Kentucky, through Virginia, and into Tennessee every year, passing out food, candy, toys and clothing to the […]

Dec 19, 2015

The summer of 1919 was known as “Red Summer,” due to the spreading influence of communism around the world after World War I. Race riots were occurring around the United States, and the unrest came to Knoxville, Tennessee at the end of August, 1919. On this episode, Steve tells the story of the riot and […]

Dec 15, 2015

In this week’s podcast Steve tells the story of Condy Dabney of Harlan County, Kentucky, who, in 1925, was convicted of murdering a young girl. But…did he do it? You can subscribe to Stories on iTunes or on Stitcher, or on your favorite Android or Windows podcast app. We also have a Facebook page, and […]