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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Sep 18, 2021

In 1959 a mining operation ignored mine regulations leading not only to a mine roof collapse but flooding so bad that miners were killed and the entire economy in the area was pretty much destroyed.

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Sep 11, 2021

1929 was a rough year for the jailer at the Yancey County jail, in North Carolina.  That year saw not one but two 3-prisoner escapes from the facility.  

That's our story today.

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Sep 4, 2021

We wrap up our story about Davy Crockett, telling of his leaving Tennessee and moving to Texas to fight in the Texas War of Independence.

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Aug 28, 2021

Probably nobody embodies Appalachia and her people more than a man born near Limestone, Tennessee, in 1786.  Davy Crockett was a frontiersman, cowboy, businessman, politician and a martyr to the cause of Texas independence.  

Today we start telling you his very big story.

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Aug 21, 2021

In 1945 a preacher was arrested and charged in his wife's snakebite.

Seems he had been holding a service near Norton, Virginia, in which a large poisonous snake had been placed in his hand, and his wife had been bitten when she reached over to pat the creature's head.

Today we tell the story of a death in a...