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Stories-A History of Appalachia

Nov 28, 2017

A new podcast episode, and new podcast theme music! On the Norfolk and Southern railroad line between St. Paul and Coeburn, Virginia, are three railroad tunnels drilled into the mountains so that the coal companies could get that black gold out of Appalachia and on to market. From Coeburn to St. Paul those tunnels are,...

Nov 25, 2017

This week, Steve and Rod tell the story of a Georgia doctor who decided that an acceptable alternative to the illegal abortions he was performing in the 1940’s and 50’s was the illegal sale of Appalachian babies.  Hundreds of these babies were sold to buyers from all over the country, with no records kept, and...

Nov 20, 2017

Today, we have an encore episode for you as we travel to the little town of Hurley, Virginia. There, in 1909, a widow sold the timber rights to her 150 acres of land for a tidy sum, making her a target for anyone wanting to take that money for himself. On September 21 of that […]

Nov 18, 2017

There have been many examples of women who dressed as men in order to fight in a war. But there was only one example of a woman who did so but also ended up serving on both sides. Today Rod and Steve tell the story of Melinda Blalock, who, along with her husband Keith, joined […]

Nov 11, 2017

On September 26, 1936, a coal train and a passenger train derailed and crashed in separate incidents near Welch, West Virginia. On today’s podcast we tell you the story of those wrecks and what caused them. Thanks for listening to our stories…