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Stories-A History of Appalachia

May 31, 2016

There is little else worse than a flood in the Appalachian Mountains, due to the water being funneled down deep river valleys straight into towns and cities. What is worse is when that flood could have been prevented. On this episode of Stories, Rod and Steve tell the story of the Johnstown Flood of 1889, […]

May 28, 2016

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, The 1930s saw the Great Depression come over America, and probably no place was harder hit than the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. During that decade, Harlan County was the epicenter of a great struggle to establish the union, and it...

May 24, 2016

There are tales of strange creatures seen in the mines and caves of Appalachia. On this episode, Rod and Steve tell the story of the giants in the earth, on Stories. You can subscribe at iTunes, the iPhone podcast app, Google Play or on your favorite Android or Windows phone podcast app. We’re on Facebook […]

May 21, 2016

Moonshining has long been associated with Appalachia. Probably the most well-known and well-marketed moonshiner was Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton of Cocke County, Tennessee. Popcorn dressed the part, at least the way he believed everybody outside the area thought a moonshiner should look like. And he made sure everybody...

May 17, 2016

In the hills of North Georgia in the 19th century lived a farmer named Micajah Clark Dyer. Dyer wasn’t just a Georgia farmer, though. He was a self-taught inventor and tinkerer whose passion was flight. Clark Dyer devised a very detailed flying machine that not only received a patent from the U.S. Patent office, but […]